Commercial Air Conditioning Service

Experiencing a breakdown in your commercial air conditioning can bring your business to a standstill, affecting everything from customer comfort to employee productivity. When that happens, Setpoint22 can help. With a wealth of experience and expertise in the air conditioning industry, we’re experts in commercial air conditioning repair service. In the unfortunate event of a system failure, our customer support team is on hand to discuss your requirements and schedule a visit from one of our F-Gas registered engineers, who will attend the site, assess the problem, and carry out the appropriate commercial air conditioning repair.

Common causes of commercial air conditioning repair

Several factors contribute to the need for commercial air conditioning repair, including:

  • Should refrigerant gradually deplete from the system through leaks or general use. When that happens, the air conditioning will fail to properly cool or heat your workspace. Refrigerants leaking into the atmosphere can also cause environmental harm. Our F-Gas certified technicians will inspect and repair your air conditioning systems then provide a detailed F-Gas report.
  • Another common reason requiring commercial air conditioning repair is the breakdown of key components. Motors provide the rotational force to drive fans and compressors. If any of these integral component’s malfunction, the air conditioning unit quickly becomes compromised.
  • Failures in electrical controls can disrupt the operation of heating and cooling cycles. Components like thermostats, control boards, relay switches, sensors and wiring facilitate this automated temperature control. However, these electrical control parts can degrade or malfunction, disrupting the ability of your system to switch between heating and cooling cycles.
  • Blocked drainage pipes are another common reason behind commercial air conditioning repair. Air conditioning produce condensate which must be drained away. If drainage pipes become clogged with debris, mould, or dust, the condensate can overflow the drain pan causing the air conditioning unit to leak, soaking walls, ceilings, carpets creating extensive property damage.

From refrigerant leaks and worn components to electrical malfunctions and drainage blockages, Setpoint22 is well-equipped to handle all your commercial air conditioning repair needs. Contact us to learn how we can help keep your business environment cool and comfortable.

Air conditioning repair process

When issues arise, Setpoint22’s certified technicians follow a strict repair process to get your system back up and running.

The first step is a comprehensive diagnosis by testing and inspection to pinpoint the exact problem. After identifying the issue, our experts take targeted action by replacing any faulty parts with manufacturers genuine replacement components. No repair is too simple or too complex for our team – we handle everything from routine refrigerant top-offs to major electrical control replacements with the same diligent expertise.

Our focus remains on using our experience and expertise to ensure repairs are completed in an efficient and timely manner, so your business space remains comfortable and safe.

The importance of a proactive air conditioning repair approach

Regular maintenance is an investment rather than an inconvenience.

By engaging in regular maintenance, your business can significantly minimise downtime caused by unexpected air conditioning faults.

This rapid response capability is essential for addressing urgent issues before they escalate, potentially avoiding the complete operational failure of your air conditioning system.

By engaging with our routine service and maintenance team, you can streamline the repair process when unforeseen problems occur.

Your comfort is our top priority.

Contact Setpoint22 today to learn more about our commercial air conditioning repair services.

Frequently asked questions

What types of air conditioning systems can be serviced?

Our professional teams are equipped to handle all commercial air conditioning systems, ensuring all types of units can be serviced and repaired effectively.

Are maintenance services available to prevent future issues?

Yes, Setpoint22 provides regular maintenance to ensure your air conditioning systems function well through the year.

What action should be taken if the air conditioning isn’t working properly?

If cooling efficiency drops, Setpoint22 suggests you contact a professional for a thorough system check-up to diagnose and resolve the issue.

Repair or replace: which is more cost-effective for an older unit?

This depends on the unit’s condition, repair history, and efficiency. Get a professional assessment from our team to help you decide which is the most economical option.

How can a repair or maintenance service be scheduled?

Scheduling is flexible; drop us an email or call us and we will set up a suitable time based on your needs.

Why does air conditioning repair cost so much?

Air conditioning repair costs can vary, depending on labour and expertise, parts, complexity of repairs, emergency, warranty and brand of air conditioning. To get an accurate quote for your situation, contact us.

How can I find commercial air conditioning repair near me?

We offer commercial air conditioning installation, maintenance and repair services throughout the UK, so we’re ready to help wherever you are.