Wine Cellar Aircon

Something a bit different!

Setpoint 22 Ltd were asked by an existing valued customer if we could use our knowledge and experience to come up with a solution to a unique problem.

A domestic property in Manchester City Centre had a wine cellar in its basement that had been fitted, during the building’s refit, with a conventional split air conditioning system. This system was not accurately and consistently controlling the environment for storing a vintage wine collection. To keep wines, like those to be stored, at their optimum condition then the temperature along with the room’s humidity level must be set between certain limits. This would require a bespoke system tailored to this specific project. It was also requested that the conditions in the room could be monitored remotely and if any malfunction or temperature/humidity anomalies occurred then the owner could be alerted.

After lengthy research, the ideal configuration for the project was sourced from French manufacturer Friax. The system was split type, with an air-cooled condensing unit feeding a ceiling mounted evaporator that can cool, heat and adjust humidity. The complete system was to be controlled by a central control hub, located in an adjacent plant room, which communicated with a remote controller keypad fitted in the wine cellar.

For the monitoring of the cellar conditions, the Sensorpush HT1 system was the ideal equipment to meet our client’s request. The monitoring system consists of a small remote sensor that sits in the conditioned space feeding information back to a paired device such as a phone, tablet or laptop. A G1 gateway, added to the system, would provide remote monitoring/alerts from anywhere in the world.

Wine Cellar

The system was installed, without issue, over a short time period and then commissioned to the manufacturers specification. The control system was tested and the remote monitoring configured.

The cellar was monitored over the next few days with a few parameter changes made to get the conditions just right. The collection of wine arrived the next day to be stored in the perfect environment to be enjoyed exactly as it should be.